Translate records in a static entitity


We are building an application with Outsystems in English, and now we want to translate the application to Dutch. Almost everything is translateble, exept records in a static entity.

We have a static entity named: Gender, and this entity has two records, Male and Female. We want to translate these records, but we cant find them in translations. 


I have found a way how I should translate this records, by checking the "use translations" property. But I can't enable this option. I can't check/uncheck this checkbox

We also want to translate the word: Record(s). When you display a list in your page, you see the amount of list-items underneath this list. So if you have 1 list item, you see: 1 record. If you have 20 list items, you will see: 20 records. We want to translate the word: "Record(s)". But we can't find this in the translation. 
Probably this is only possible to use a if with if gener=male display hardtext that can be translated.
Hi Bert,

You can only change the checkbox in the eSpace the entity is defined in, not the eSpace that references it. After you check the checkbox (note that in version 9 it should be checked by default), you can edit the translations (also in the defining eSpace).

As for the translation of Record(s), this is not possible, unless you clone the RichWidgets eSpace, which I would advise against.
Hi Killian,

Yes it is checked, but I can't change it. I have found the problem. We use two modules, datalayer and uilayer, and I tried to translate the static entity (inside the datalayer), inside the uilayer. 
Bert, that's exactly what I said in my previous post ;) Good that you found it.