Exceptions in translations screen

Exceptions in translations screen

There is a problem with translations screen that I think many have noticed. It often fails with "unhandled exception". The most often cases is when you type filter text, or when you change "Translate"/"Don't translate" dropdown. Sometimes it fails when you just open it.
This started to happen with one of the recent versions of service studio, I think about 3 versions ago, that was the version with renewed design and a new search box.
I have submitted feedbacks many times already, and I have now installed the latest version, but the error is still in place. This is really annoying. I understand (being a developer myself) that sometimes you do some mistakes trying to deliver new great functionality fast, but unhandled exceptions being in place for several versions in a row is something inacceptable in my opinion.

So when is this going to be fixed? Is it on work at least?
Hi Igor,

Although we also use translations extensively, I haven't noticed this at all. Although the recent overhaul of Service Studio introduced many bugs, this isn't one I've encountered (luckily).
Kilian, this is strange, because I'm not only encountering this myself regularly, but also saw this many times on other developer's computers. They were newcomers and I was even embaraced by the fact that the system that we are advertising so much behaves like this in front of them. :)

Hi Igor,

Is it a screen like this:

When we press cancel (we already have send the feedback multiple times), we get this screen:

Bert, yes.

I do not know what to do against it, but we keep hitting the "Cancel" and "Keep working" button. After we do that once, every thing works fine. Accept when you restart outsystems, then we are forced to hit the buttons again. 
Igor, what OS are you using? Windows 8 or 8.1? We're using 7, which could be a difference.
Kilian, we are using 8.1.

Ok, that might be the difference then. We've had our fair share of crashes, but luckily not in the translation tool.
Hi Igor,

Really sorry about it. I talked to the maintenance team and they will take care of it.

I checked your issue and it is indeed related to Windows 8 (actually the touchscreen support) and the combo-boxes inside the grid.
As a workaround, you can use the buttons in the bottom to change the states instead of using the combos on the grid.

João Rosado