Add a Parameter in Aggregates

Add a Parameter in Aggregates

I'm new in Version 9 Plataform and i don't know how i can create a parameter as did in Simple Querys.

Anyone help me?

Best Regards

Hello Paulo,

Simple queries (now called Aggregates) don't need input parameters.  Instead you can point to local variables now.  It can be slightly confusing at first, but after getting used to it you'll realize that it saves a step or two.

Have fun!
Hello Josh!
I know it's Simple Querys = Aggregates and i don't like :(

Many thanks for you help, I could be here trying all day and not make it...


Hi Paulo,

It's great that we have the community to help out! Thumbs up to Josh!
Remember that we also have online training and the product documentation that cover this.

Thanks André... Regards to João Fernandes :)