I want to make a page with a grid of web cameras.  Is there a good way to do this?  I did find a webcam app but it doesn't seem to be what I want and is older.
Hi Jason,

I dont think that is possible, in the past you could use Flash to do some things with webcams. But it will connect to the webcame of the user so if your behind a different computer you cannot connect to the webcamse. Can you maybe tell a bit more about your plan what do you want to achieve?
We are making a display page for a large smart tv in one of our offices.  We want to display a grid of cameras on the page (all web cams).  Not sure how to do it via OutSystems.
Don't think about this as an Outsystems issue.  How would you do this on any platform?  A Google search will show you a lot of possibilities.  Once you find a solution that will work for you you'll be able to include that in any Outsystems application using extensions, HTML, Javascript or other mechanisms.
I gues you will need a DVR or a computer to setup a livestream that can be embeded into a html5 or flash player. Normaly a DVR has a http login posiblity to see the streams online why not use those?