London theme in Chrome 44?

London theme in Chrome 44?

My organization has a customized theme based on London.  When Chrome 44 was released (which I think was today) a few table record widgets were found "overflowing" their parent widget on a few of our production apps.  Chrome 43 and Firefox did not have this problem.  When I inspected the CSS customizations I couldn't find any changes done to the table records widget styles, and I made sure the box model for the parent widgets wasn't different from the "vanilla" London theme.  It's possible I may have still missed something.

I tried replicating the problem on my personal environment and couldn't.  I noticed my organization uses a application server and my personal environment uses  Is it possible my organization just needs to update the application server version and an updated London CSS theme will address the issue?  Has anybody else with a 9.0.0.x platform server encountered this issue with London?
Hi Joshua,

If I'm not mistaken, maybe it is just some issue with the data. Tables are always sized by their contents, and when you have content that can't wrap they will extend to be able to fit it (unlike divs). You can add a "word-break: break-all;" style to the content (e.g. the tds) or you can add a "display: block; overflow-x: scroll;" to the table.  None of these are ideal, the best approach would be to limit the amount of data you show on the table (and trim the text with ellipsis if needed).

Tiago Simões
Joshua, are you saying that looking at the exact same page, which the exact same data, produces different results in Chrome 43 than in Chrome 44?
Kilian, you are correct.  It looks fine in Chrome 43 and specifically started looking different in Chrome 44.  Here's an example on one of our production apps with only 4 columns (3rd column blotted for security reasons, 4th column is empty): 

How weird. This could of course also be a Chrome bug.

@Tiago: It seems it's not data-related then.
I think your Chrome bug theory is correct: I tried it in Chrome Canary (currently 46) and it looks fine in there.