Last update date not working properly

Hello All,

In my application, I am using two last update date.

I have given attributes name as follow
1) UpdatedOn
2) LastUpdateDate

I am using timer in my application. In my timer action, I am loading data from webservice into my application. Whenver I am loading data with the timer, I am updating "UpdatedOn" field with CurrDateTime().

Whenver I am updating field manually i.e. by Save action, I am updating "LastUpdateDate" field with CurrDateTime().

However, after some time, if I run the timer, "UpdatedOn" field is getting updated but data of "LastUpdatedField" is getting disappeared and it's showing nothing.

What can be the problem and possible soultion for this?

Suraj Borade(India)

When you use the timer do you Create new records or you Update existing records?
Hi Nuno,

I am using CreateorUpdate function inside the timer.

Hi Suraj,
You are probably assigning a null or empty value for "LastUpdateDate" when running the action through the timer.
When you create a record from the Timer action, what do you want to put in "LastUpdateDate"? Are you assigning some value?
Hi Tiago,

I don't want to assign any value to "LastUpdateDate" at the time of running the Timer action. I just want to update other fields by WebService valus and wanted to track that they are Updated by Timer and not by a person.

i.e. I want to distinguish between timer update date and Manual update date.


The action that the Timer triggers looks like is changing the "LastUpdateDate" field. Try to find usages (F12) for that "LastUpdateDate" attribute - maybe you missed it, but is being used inside the action logic when you don't want it.
Thanks Tiago.

I will search for the same and update you.

Are you getting the original record? If you just set the fields you want and you don't have the others there the values will be changed to empty