Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Is there any inbuilt feature in OutSystems to get similar data as we get from Google Analytics ?


depends what you mean by similar.

there are tons of metrics (check out lifetime, servicecenter for all the features)


On Lifetime you can get an overview of Performance. Go to Lifetime | Performance.
Here are the docs:

So basically within our application we need to provide details on page hit counts, how many times documents got downloaded etc. We don't want to give them access to Service Center or Lifetime.

So is there a way i can just get those pages from Lifetime\Service Center as part of my application, a lighter version.

Shashank, have you checked if the following thread on inserting Google Analytics Tracking code meets your need?

Hi Shashank,

You can maintain one entity in your application which will store track of how many times your page has been visited and how many times document got downloaded.

You need to use one counter in the preparation which will increase count by one whenever user hits the page because preparation action gets executed whenver there is fresh request to page. Same thing you can put at download action.

You can design one page which will display details no of page visited and no. of file downloaded. So no need to go to Service center, you can manage it within the application.

I hope this will help you.

Suraj Borade