OutSystems Developer Evangelist Program?

Hi everyone,
I haven't been around as much lately :) Here is a contribution:

OutSystems is looking for a "Director, Developer Evangelist Program Management".
He/She will be responsible for strategizing and driving the (exponential) growth of the OutSystems Developer community.

I was positively surprised with this. I believe developers (ourselves as individuals and not Partner companies) deserved a bit more attention. What do you think?

What I think? I think OutSystems wants us as developers to do their marketing for them ;).
Hehe :D
Good one! I get the feeling that might be true ;)
"Evangelist" it's a term very used on US. Skills essencial on marketing and capable to spread the word fast.
It's a kind of person that could sell his own mother :D
In the past we had of course Mike, but he got the boot after screwing around with Paulo's secretary :). (I never figured out why that was a reason to get booted, other than Paulo being jealous :))
"Developer evangelist" programs usually employ at least a few "developer evangelists"... developers who know the product well and work to promote the platform. I have known a few DE's and worked with them as a community member over the years. Basically, they do what myself, Kilian, J., and a few others here do, plus a little bit more:

* Go to conferences, code camps, etc. to put on demonstrations, tutorials, etc. to educate developers and increase awareness of the product.

* Coordinate with local developer groups to make sure they have resources while promoting the product (giving them things to hand out as prizes or swag, sponsoring the food, etc. often in exchange for having a minute or two during the meeting to address the audience and getting prominent visibility).

* Posting to forums to assist members of the community.

* Generating blog articles and other content showing how to do advanced techniques.

* Social media stuff to promote the platform.

* Etc.