Creating and using an "All Components" solution

It is a common practice in OutSystems Factory management to create and use a solution that contains all the components deployed on the environment. It is used to refresh references, republish eSpaces after an update/upgrade and for some troubleshooting tasks.

Here are the steps to create/update it and how to use it.

If you don't yet have an "All Components" solution:
  1. Go to Service Center, under Factory -> Solutions, click on "New Solution";
  2. Name it "All_Components";
  3. Go to the components Tab, in the text box type in an asterisk ('*');
  4. click the "Associate" button.
If you already have an "All Components" solution:
  1. Go to the components Tab, in the text box type in an asterisk ('*');
  2. click the "Associate" button.
Some notes on how to use it:
  • Whenever you want to republish your whole factory, remember to click the "Publish" button for the "Current Running Version"; 
  • There is generally no need to create tags for this solution: if you do, remember that publishing a tag may revert some applications to the version that was published when you tagged the solution;
  • All system components will be a part of this solution, except for Service Center: if you want to republish Service Center as well, run the SCInstall script located in your platform installation folder before publishing the "All_Components" solution.

Go to Development tab
Click Environment
Click Application Management
Click Factory
Click Solutions
Create the All_Components solution

If you're having trouble finding the Factory...

For the new folks:

What is Service Center?

This is the environment management console. You have one console for each environment, and can access them at https://<environment>/ServiceCenter.

This took me far too long to find. A "how to log into lifetime and service center" should be pinned at the top of the help documentation.