Windows 10 support?

Windows 10 support?

Hi everyone,

Today, 29th of July, is Windows 10 launch day.
Does the Development Environment (Service Studio and Integration Studio) already support Windows 10? If not, when can we expect support for Windows 10?

Good question.

And a better question, do the sites still stand when users using Edge(?) as the new awesome browser :)

And... what happened to the flappy tweedles?
I asked this question a while ago when Windows 10 was first announced and the reply was that they don't support anything that's not released.

Now that it's released, and because I live on the bleeding edge, I installed Windows 10 this morning on the laptop that I do all my development on.  After that I ran Service Studio for a while, changing, publishing, etc.  No issues.  Looking at my web sites in Edge, also no issues.  I then downloaded and updated Service Studio to and again had no issues.

I conclude therefore that you shouldn't have any major breaking issues with Service Studio itself.  I would expect Edge to work well but as with all browsers, your mileage may vary.

Hope that helps!
I'm running on a Parallels virtual machine with Windows 10 preview, using Edge and Chrome, and it's work very well...
I was just asking this yesterday to my team.  I'm afraid that when upgrading, if I get an error and submit to the support, they will say that Windows 10 is not supported as reason for the problem... =/

Yes, we plan to formally certify both Windows 10 (Service Studio and Integration Studio) and Edge (application end-users browser) in this quarter.

Our experience so far is consistent with what Curt reported: no major breaking issues. Then again, we have not done the full regression testing yet, so we can't yet give any warranties.

As André is saying, it is still possible that when you report an issue to support, you get a reply "the problem is caused by a Windows 10 compatibility issue". If that's the case, what else could they reply?

So, I guess "nothing has happened" on your Windows 10 install, right?

it works fine, edge works great also, we are almost done with full testing across about 30 apps/modules
Tested on windows 10, everything works fine!

I've been using it for a while in several developer preview builds and everything works fine, so far!

I'm using the latest 8 DevEnv.


DevelopmentEnvironment- does not concluded the installation, someone has the same problem?

Have you reviewed the installation logs at %Program Files%\OutSystems\Installer\Logs ?
The way I see it, this topic was about Outsystems plans to support Windows 10, and thus your question seems a bit off-topic. I reckon it would be best for the community that, in similar situations in the future, you could start a new discussion instead.
E.g. the problem you are experiencing may be unrelated to Windows 10, and other community members would miss it if they are on a previous OS.


Just a quick note: I installed on Windows 10, but it looked like the installation freezed... The installation window progress bar freezed around half done and I waited some 5 minutes and nothing. I decided to open service studio and checked what version was: it was already So although it looked like it didn't install, it actually did install successfully.
Hi Tiago,

You are right, exact the same with me! The installation freezes, but now that I looked, the version is, it seems like a bug in the install for window 10.
And what about Outsystems V8? :)
Moving the screen (of service studio) or changing the windows height. (restore down)


We didn't formally certify Service Studio v8 on Windows 10, but it's known to be running fine.

Thanks for the reply Joao.

I cannot convince the IT dept. to upgrade to Windows 10 if we don't have Outsystems V8 formally certified.

I guess I'll have to stick with Win8 for a while...