[TinyMCE] Center Align Icon is missing in the widget

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Published on 2015-08-05 by Joshua Austin
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Published on 2015-08-05 by Joshua Austin
Hi team,

i have found that there are two left align icon in the tool bar instead of one for center and one for left align.
Please check and let me know.

Hi Manish,
I resolved the same reported problem using below steps:
1. Open TinyMCE eSpace.
2. Navigate: TinyMCE(eSpace) -> Screen Flows - > TinyMCE (Web Flow) -> TinyMCE (Web Block) -> Preparation.
3. Look for "ToolbarAlignCentre" condition. Here assignment for "True" flow is problemetic. You will see it is "alignleft " so make it "aligncenter ".
4. Publish the TinyMCE eSpace and refresh the reference of it in your eSpace.
Thats it, solved output is attached. Hope this will help to resolve the problem with Center Alignment toolbar icon problem.
Great job, Ramesh!  I plan to publish this fix to the forge in the next release.
The latest update that I pushed out to the forge today should remedy this problem.