Homepage based on role person logging in

Homepage based on role person logging in


I have made an simple application where a user can log in. Theses users are put in groups, which can have one of the following roles: User or Admin. 

I have also made two different screenflows: AdminFlow (for the admin role) and MainFlow (for the user role).

I want to know if it's possible to change the homepage (first page when a user logs in) based on the role of the user. So when Admin logs in, he/she sees the admin homepage, and when a User logs in, he/she sees the user homepage. 

it's possible on several ways.

- do the check after the login-action
- do the check in preparation of the common homepage and redirect after to the specific pages.
- use webblocks instead of pages to show specific information
Hi J,

I have tried your first option, and it is working fine. But I have deleted the "Common/externalURL", and replaced that with an if/else check.  It works fine, but is was wondering if that URL was important?
the externalurl has an input-parameter to redirect the person to the page he was entering in the first place.
(bookmarked pages for example)
but if you don't that (I never do, since it probably is a faulty page anyways), your solution works perfectly.