Is there a way to configure the length of table names in Oracle? I'm working in a JEE environment with Oracle database for the first time and i realized that the length of table names are generated with the max value of 18, and Oracle allow us to create table names with 30 chars. Why OutSystems create table names only with 18?

Hi Victor,

are you talking about the platform generated tables (i.e. osusr_xyz_qwerty)?
You don't have control about that, it's all managed by the platform. And you shouldn't be worried about the physical table names...
Hi Joao

I know i can't control, but my client is questioning me about the tables. They know they can't control it, but what I can't understand is why the table names are't generated with 30 chars, what is more readable, even if I shouldn't worry about them.

In development stage is much faster going to my SQL Client and execute some queries than testing them in the Service Studio.

Hi Victor,

The remaining 12 are reserved for view names prefixes, index names and triggers that get "contructed" on top of the initial name.
I think the reserve that takes most space is for multitenant view names (the others generate random numbers to nameclash when they hit 30 chars) that can get appended up to something like: "_t1234567890"

João Rosado
Hi joão.

Thanks for the reply.