htmltopdf bug

htmltopdf bug

i tried to print using default html2pdf sample app after setting it up onpremise (localhost).when i click the google button or any of the button in the component sample demo app ,it downloads an empty pdf. my platform sever version is 8.0..0.15.when i try to access a url like, it doesnt even attempt to download it keeps spinning infinitely. the htmltopdf version i tried using is version 1.0.3. this vsersion has no option to login to admin section and upload the wkhtml dependencies. please what can i do to resolve this issue.Thanks
i finally resolved it ,by manually copying all dependencies to the binary directory of the componenet folder..

i have a major concer, when i try to print a screen with table containing 1000 records and paginated into 14 pages ,the html topdf componenets prints only 60 records equivalent to a page and ahlf instead of the total 14 pages. please how can i solve this limitation. , i dont want to increse the max-line count from 60..Thanks

Isn't your problem just a "outsystems" issue (and has nothing to do with the component?)

To me, you want to print the whole table, so you need to show the whole table (instead of paginating it)
hence, you need to increase the linecount, so you end up only have 1 page for the table.

@J yeah am aware  of the linecount increase but i didnt want to go through that route as indicated in my post , i was hoping for a better way arouund it because am assuming i have 10,000 records would i have to increase the lincount of the listwidget to such a high value, i am  cautious of performance penalty involved during the rendering process.Thanks aall the same
well, you do have to render it in the page, otherwise you never can convert it to pdf.

you can research the way to create a html for every page and combine those into 1 pdf.

@j Good thinking. i will give it a try .Thanks