Scheduler stops a long automatic activity after 5 mins

Scheduler stops a long automatic activity after 5 mins

In our application, we have a Outsystems process that runs an external database update as an automatic activity. This database update makes calculations in an analytics database and can last several minutes. The current problem is that the Outsystems scheduler seems to abort the action after 300 seconds. The same happens if I do the real database updates or simulate long operations with a simple sleep of 10 minutes.

In Service Center, I get the following errors:
  • Module: Scheduler: Scheduler Service: Error executing request for Activity JustSleep. Request duration = 305 secs.
  • Module: (empty): Thread was being aborted.
  • Module: Global: Request timed out.
1) Is it possible to run long actions in an Outsystems process?
2) Is there a way to increase the timeout for automatic activities?
3) It necessary to use timers for this kind of operations?

From I thought that the Application Request Timeout might be the culprit for terminating the process, but changing the executionTimeout in machine.config did not seem to affect the problem.
Hi Teemu,

You are correct, there is a 5minute limit on the Automatic Activities (and 3minute limit on other types).
The objective is to promote fast modular operations instead of big activities.

1) So the normal recommendation is to break big activities into smaller ones.
2) It is possible, but you will have to contact OutSystems support. Since that is only given in a case by case basis when Activity spliting or Timer Jobs are not acceptable solutions.
3) As alternative for the cases where splitting is not possible, having a timer to process it as a batch job and having the process wait till the processing finishes is a good and clean choice.

João Rosado

Hi João,

Thank you for your quick reply. I guess it is best for us to make a Timer based solution. Some of the calculations in the analytics database handle large amounts of data and it is not straightforward to split the calculations in several process activities.