What is the  use of Theme.*****_Theme.extra.css in outsystems9

What is the  use of Theme.*****_Theme.extra.css in outsystems9

Team Outsystems,

We are seeng a theme called Theme.*****_Theme.extra.css at runtime ehich is changing/overwriting out base theme properties .Is there way to have control on the Theme.extra.css . We want to add to call it before our base theme .

It's the grid-stuff. so when you change the grid (number of columns, gutterwith etc.) it's only the extra that is being changed.

Not sure what the use-case would be to alter the extra.css
Just use a webblock for it if you want to have css before the base-theme?

Hey J. Thanks for a reply. 

I undertsand that the properties Extra.css has is limited to the classes OutSystem provides, columns and gutters to be precise. The issue i am facing is.. my base theme gets loaded before extra theme, as a result the column properties i mention in my theme are overwritten by extra theme. I would like to know a workaround which would help me load extra theme before my base theme so that my properties are not overwritten. 

P.S - Apart from "!important" ofcourse!
still confused.
which properties are overwritten?

since it's only width and margin-left?

Apart from Margin and Width.. there is padding as well. Properties like this over writes my code - 

   th[class*="ThemeGrid_Width"], td[class*="ThemeGrid_Width"] {
        padding-right: 20px; 

 i want the ThemeGrid_Width to have padding-right as 5px. 
why not set it in basetheme?

It is in the base theme. Extra theme is being loaded after base theme.. overwriting the properties.

I want to know a way to load extra first and then my base theme.
J.. this how my Themes are being called. Extra loads after my Base theme thus overwriting it.
Hope this makes me clearer. 

<link href="/eSpaceName/Theme.Project_Base_Theme.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />
<link href="/ eSpaceName /Theme.Project_Base_Theme.extra.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />

I want to load extra first and then base. Suggestions?

simply, you cannot.

I still suggest to check out your theme itself.
the values in extra are being generated based on certain values in the basetheme.
(for example gutterwidth etc.)

So currently I fail to see, why you (want to) alter those specific css-values manually.

Alright. thanks for your input.