worried based of number of new releases of platform (and removals especially)

worried based of number of new releases of platform (and removals especially)


what's up with the latest releases lately?
I see a lot of new versions published and a large part also removed immediatly due to some issues.
<sarcasm>Is the QA on holiday-leave</sarcasm>?

Hey Joost,

Well, I guess it's a side effect of wanting to deliver faster releases with feature improvements (rather than just the normal bug fixing).

the latest one was only an small issue on the new feature (SAP), we could actually have left the other available and put a new one out, but decided to still put the removal notice on to avoid instalations that required upgrade after trying the new feature out. (And since that is the point of the Release Candidate time period)

Also the Development Environment was marked as removed just to keep the numbering consistent. There are no differences at all from DE and
But since it constained a new feature it would be a pain to explain that "For the SAP feature you need Platform Server and Development Environment".

Edit: Also in terms of just the number of releases, you should not be worried. The whole software development is moving to faster releases (and so are we), it's just normal.
There are even plans to change the numbering of the release in the future :P so don't get scared when that happens.

João Rosado

just curious :)
It does explain a little bit better why the increase of publishes. it does take some of the scare away.


Well, after the very stable release, I'm currently working with, which is a stability nightmare again. I've had the idea that QA is on vacation since the inception of platform 9, especially with the whole UI rewrite and all the accompanying problems. If there's a, I'm going to try it out to see if certain specific issues have been solved (but won't hold my breath...).