Task Box does not appear

Task Box does not appear



I am trying to develop a simple Business Process using a Human Activity. The Taskbox does not appear.
I have checked that the EPA_Taskbox user provider and the espace user provider are both set to the User espace. The process succesfully start and reaches the Human Activity.
Any idea why it would not show?


Check if you application is enable to use EPA_Taskbox, go to http://<yourserver>/EPA_Taskbox, make login with an admin user and validate if the eSpace is active.
Check if the activity is assigned to the correct user or role.

Hope that helps.

The EPA_TaskBox Status says it is offline. Could this cause the problem? If so, what should I tell the administrator to do to make the espace active (as I don't have admin rights)?

Yes thats the problem

Thanks! Problem was resolved.