Navigation Bar switching active style

i am trying to use the navigation bar from silkUI. I have set it up with 2 links. Both links point to the same page. Just a different URL parameter value is passed. The first link has style "Active". the other link has no style. When i load the page all is fine and the first link is styled to be the active one. However when i click on the 2nd link i'm not sure how can i swtich the style of the first link to "" and the 2nd one to "Active"?
I was expecting the Navigation Bar Widget would do that for me.
Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Fabian,

I don't know if you have figured it out by now since your question was posted a while back. But I was struggling with the same thing.

What I did is that instead of having the navigation bar defined on each of the pages, I created a webblock that contains my Navigation bar with the necessary links.

The navigation bar has an input that contains the Section/Page that I am on, so I created a StaticEntity that will contain all the Sections from the NavigationBar.

Then on each link of the Navigation Bar I added an Extended Property of 'class' that will have a value of an empty string if it doesn't match the Section and "Active" if it does match.

Hopes this helps.

Hello Fabian,

I am so sorry for the delay in this reply. This issue should be solved on the next version of Silk since you'll be able to set the active item as a parameter of the bottom bar.

Thanks Andres Moreno.

It worked as per your comment.