[Silk UI Web] Select2 and Input_Autocomplete

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Published on 25 Mar by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 25 Mar by OutSystems R&D

I see that Select2 works like Input_Autocomplete.
Is Select2 replacement of Input_Autocomplete?


Not a replacement, just an alternative I think.

Hello Albertas,

No, select2 is not a replacement.

Select2 is a normal dropdown with a filter. Its data comes from a list that is fully loaded to a regular dropdown and then searched via jQuery.

With the Input_Autocomplete you can perform a query to the database to get the new result subset to show on the dropdown on each change of the search expression. This behaviour is extremely usefull when you have a lot of possible results.

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus
Hello Samuel,

I understood that Select2 is for small lists
Thank you.

Best regards,
It doesnt work on ipad!!
Hello Filipe,

Sorry for the late reply. 

We were not able to replicate the issue you reported.
Can you please check if the select2 example from Silk UI website works on your iPad?

Also, can you please let us know the version of your iOS, the browser you are using and the version of the SilkUI you have currently installed on your server?

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus

Filipe Lourenço wrote:
It doesnt work on ipad!!
I'm having a problem with using auto_complete on iPad.
Let's say I get a list of 5 options and I want to choose the last one. I "touch" it but it always returns the one that is at the top, the first one. 
The workaround I use is to push the one I want to choose and then slide just to the side and release. Then it returns the right one but the header/menu is suddenly in the middle of my screen, over the auo_complete input area. 
Am I doing something wrong? :)
Hello Íris,

That is indeed a strange behaviour.

Can you share with us a clean eSpace module with the issue replicated? 
Also, can you share with us your version of Silk UI and the Silk UI Theme you are using?

To check Silk UI Framework version, use the following URL with your server address:

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus

Here is a sample app. It only happens in an iPad. I also tested it on a Samsung Galaxy tab and it works like a charm there.

Hope this will help you find out what is going on.

Thank you
The Silk version is 2.1.1 on the environment I made this app on (my personal) and it behaves the same there as in the work environment (2.1.0)
Hello Íris,

Sorry for the late reply.
We were able replicate your issue, and then we replicated the issue on a new application without silk (using London Theme).

Since the issue also happens in London, is not Silk UI related, and so, I recommend that you contact OutSystems Support to get help on it.

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus


When using the select2 in a popup, the selects dissapears after reaching the end of the popup.(and a scrollbar appears)

 I would like it to go over the popup like the normal select. I tried to take a look at the CSS, but everything is already on "position: absolute;" Can anyone help me ?