Can the Activity ID of a Human Activity be assigned to an entity when created?

I would like to assign the Activity ID of a Human Activity to an entity when the process reaches the Human Activity to allow reviewing of information and closing the activity from a web page without the need of the Taskbox (i.e. I import a file which undergoes a validation process, if the validation is not fulfilled the Human Activity is started. I would like to access the details page of that file by selecting the file from a list and retrieve the Activity ID associated with it to be able to close the human activity from the page displaying the details of such file).
Is this possible? If yes, how can I achieve this?

Hi Chiara,

In the Human Activity you can add the 'On Ready' action (on the Human Activity click on the left mouse button).
In the assign of that action you have acess to the ActivityId Field which can be assigned to what you want.