App Feedback (ECT_Provider) on Outsystems Now


I've tried to use the App Feedback on my new applications/modules using Outsystems Now.

I turned on the https://* on my application, but when I run it on the Outsystems Now app on my iPhone, it doesn't show the App Feedback ballon on the bottom.

Do I have to include any dependences on my application to use the App Feedback?

PS: It works on my CHAT downloaded application.

Thanks in advance.

One more information: I'm using the SilkUI Framework with the Tokyo Template. The CHAT application uses the default template.
Hi Alexandre,

Take a look at this topic. It should help you through the configuration. Make sure App Feedback is enabled for the environment, for your app and for your user.
Hi, Andre,

Thanks for your return. I checked everything, like you've said. I attached print of my screen. AppFeedback works for the Chat application but not for "Agendamento de Consultas".

Any other ideas?