[Tenant Management] Is this available on english locale

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Published on 2015-08-11 by Adelar Duarte
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Published on 2015-08-11 by Adelar Duarte
Is the componant avaibale on english locale .I do see the labels are not in english.
Also write the description of the application in Englisch :|
Sorry Guys, but the complete material is available here: www.outsystems.com/goto/how-to-build-a-multi-tenant-application 

Is a Pdf document, with a step by step description of a transformation of Sales application, to a Sales application multi tenant.  Inside of document, there is a link, to download the files, in english.

I put this on Forge, because I can't use on a different personal environment without share. And I published in portuguese, because I don't see nothing here in Portuguese, and I know that people in Brazil use outsystems. We need share more, be more present.