[Business Activity Monitoring] BAM Future?

[Business Activity Monitoring] BAM Future?

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Published on 29 Aug by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 29 Aug by OutSystems R&D
Is BAM dead?

For the past 5 years BAM only had a few bug fixes and upgrades to the newer platform versions. No new features since its release.

- The template is old! Responsive? Forget it..
- It's using ChartingServicesCore = FusionCharts = Flash Player :s
- It lacks filters

OutSystems Platform needs a proper process monitoring tool.

Will Outsystems have a new and better tool than BAM in the near future?

Hi Carlos,
Thanks for the feedback. We do plan to update it.
Please let us understand a little bit better your use cases:
- Responsive and FusionCharts - I assume you want to make business activity monitoring available on smartphones/tablets? Confirm?
- It lacks filters - what kind? what are the use cases (e.g. Obtain all activities assigned to a particular user)

Thank you
Hi Gonçalo.

We have many users using tablets and some accessing their apps from the smartphone.
The apps are responsive (London \ Dublin), so it's weird if they have other apps (system apps) that are using older templates and are not responsive.

Flash Charts are dead and must be replaced by JS Charts. Everyone wants to get rid of Flash and OutSystems should also remove the last bit of it from this components. Since you released the Charts eSpace a few versions ago, BAM should be updated to use it instead of the old ChartingServicesCore.

The filters: many lists don't have filters and the dashboards can't be filtered either. The first screen (home) we have a fixed layout, with 4 charts that I can't filter to get different results. I just have drill down.

BAM needs:
- To have a modern template and usability improvements;
- To be more flexible, so that a user can get the charts and the results they want anytime without additional work;
- Customizable by user: each user could set his dashboard with the data he needs, and with the widgets he wants. Ever worked with Atlassian Jira? Something like their dashboards would be fine ;) It's not difficult, we've made something like this for some customers.
- A permission system would also be great:
# User X can monitor Process 1 and 2
# User Y can monitor Process 3 and 4
# User Z can monitor all the processes
- KPI's definition