Is there a plug-in or method to include ibeacon proximity in the business logic?

Many thanks.
Hi Colin,

In order to integrate your OutSystems applications with the iBeacon technology you will need to use OutSystems Now.

OutSystems Now is a native application for iOS, Android and Windows, which brings you a single point of access to your OutSystems environment, empowering your applications with native features available on your mobile device.

Currently OutSystems Now doesn’t integrate with iBeacon technology out of the box. However, OutSystems Now is based on Cordova and there’s a set of Cordova Plugins for the iBeacon technology that you can use to extend OutSystems Now and integrate with this technology. We have plans to test these in the mid-term, but we don’t have a date for when this will happen yet.

To learn more about the OutSystems Now’s source code and how to add a new plugin on it, please check the documentation available here.

Here’s the link for the iBeacon plugin (we haven’t tested yet).


Luis Silva
Thanks Luis, very helpful.