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Published on 15 Mar (10 days ago) by Renato Pauleta
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Published on 15 Mar (10 days ago) by Renato Pauleta
Is this the same as the LDAP extension on forge?
Hi Rebecca, I haven't put in a description yet. Sorry about that. The active directory is Microsoft directory service and uses LDAP. The ease of use and ease of integration make it kind of a wrapper that abstracts some complexity, found when connecting through LDAP alone. Meaning, most of the times to get information from the directory you don't need to store any username / password and also information like groups, users, users in groups is easily extracted without having to know the path, which is sometimes confusing. The same way you configure active directory in the users eSpace, you can set the domain in a site property in the active directory core. And you'll automatically gain access to all information you require. I'll update the description soon and add some screenshots that we'll help and show what you can do with this component. Cheers
Nice Contribution. But I agree that miss a component description. Make it more clear!!!
Hello Renato,

Do you have any update on the description/help?