Personal Environment vs Community Edition?

Personal Environment vs Community Edition?

16 months after the release of the Personal Environments, in your opinion, what is\was the best free OutSystems Platform?

- The current cloud based Personal Environment?
- The old, on premise, Community Edition?

I've created an online poll. Please, give your opinion (Google Account required):

You can also share here your opinion and explain why you like one more than other.

For me the Personal Edition is significantly better without a doubt.  I do lots of legacy system conversions which generally have lots of data in lots of tables.  For one experiment I created all the entities I needed to match the database I was converting.  After doing that I had already used all my software units before writing a single line of code.  I was almost to the point of abandoning Outsystems when the Personal Edition was created and most of my issues went away overnight.
Hi Curt,

How are you connecting your PE to external DB's?

I have always thought this was not available in the PE edition?

I never said I connected to external databases. I do conversions, typically exporting flat files from the old system and importing them into the new system.  In order for that to work I usually need similar, usually very large, database schemas which is where the community edition didn't work for me.  Once the data is converted I can then rework stuff to improve it.

You are correct, you cannot connect to external databases using the Personal Edition.

Hope that clears things up,
@Curt the personal environment might offer some advantages like increased su are no setup needed,but the community bedition has some very strong points like

1) ability to integrate external databases
2)direct access to operating system environment were you can install security certificates,ssl
3) caching support
4)ability to tweak your iis
5)portability ,in the essence you dont need intenet to demo your app to clients, you can even bundle your outsystems app in a vm and burn it in  CD format and drop demo off.
6) no production support
7) no access to your own domain(seo module gone)
much more....

you cant dream of these very vital functions unless you scale to enterprise
All very valuable features in situations where you need them.  For my typical client, a legacy mainframe conversion, I need to develop prototypes to convince them that Outsystems is even something they should consider.  In order to do that I need to convert significant portions of the database schema to Outsystems entities.  The SU restrictions prevented me from doing that so I couldn't even complete the first step in my prototype development.  It didn't matter that all the features you list were available as I would never be able to get that far.

Once the client is assured that the product can support their application they would buy an enterprise license and I get all those other features.  Prior to that decision they have no bearing on my prototype.

@Curt Ok i get your point .But in my case as an ISV , if i want to drop a demo for a client offline demo (burn it in CD )and drop it off with my proposal,its impossible to do with a personal cant create  a demo VM, give it to potential client as prototype unless you scale up to enterprise edition. summary is both have their strenght and weaknesses.Thanks for the reply

Like my original point - if I could not connect to the existing DB, Iit would have been an up-hill push able to become an OS enterprise customer.

Once the POC was run up even within the very small 30k SU limit, it was like where do we sign up?

Cheers, Mark