Poem site= expand an attribute in Detail Screen


I want to make an application that stores my poems. I am new to Outsystems. I have 515 poems. I don't want 515 Web Screens. I know I could have a "Poem Detail Screen", with a Name Field and a Description Field. However, the description field would not store the poems as it is too small.

Does anyone have ideas that I could try
increase the size of the description?

How big can the description field go? My poems can get lengthy.
When you press F1 on the Length property you'll get a help page. This will tell you this about the Length property:

Mandatory for Text and Decimal types. The other types have a fixed length.
In the Text types, this property value is only applicable when it is below 2000. Otherwise there is no characters limit.
In the Decimal types, this property includes the decimal part.

If the values for Text and Decimal types are not specified, default values are used.

  Hope this helps you?

Cheers. I think it will!