BPT - records are updated too slow.

BPT - records are updated too slow.


I have a list of records which can be updated.
If they are updated, some BPT process is called.

This is great, but the screen is finished faster than the process.
(it's an all automatic process)
this means I see on my list-screen an outdated list. (and when clicking it goes bad, because the async-process will hit somewhere in between)
f5 does the trick, but not very user-friendly.

How can I prevent this invalid state?

Hi J.

You can create a control Entity that allows to know if the process is done or not.

Before you call the process you set Is Finished to False (don't forget to force a commit) and as the last step of the process set Is Finished to true. Then you add a screen action to check if that condition changed and some javascript to call that screen action periodically (while the Is Finish is false).

Meanwhile, while Is Finished is false, you can show a "Loading..." message.

Note: I just notice that the LaunchProcess action return the Process Id, maybe there is also an action (or a query) that allows to know if the process is terminated removing this way the need of having the control Entity.