Sent messages using Outsystems Email are being clipped.

I have this issue wherein when my application sends an email to a recipient. The email always is a clipped message. This was my only content in the email:

  Dear Sir/Madam,

     Congratulations! Your order has been submitted. Please see attached Proposal for your reference.
Which email client or service are you using?

In the past I had a similar problem with Gmail.

You can read more about it here:
 Sorry for the late reply. I am currently using Mandrill as the Email Service.
Hi Lawrence,

It can be because of the amount of CSS stylesheets being included.

Create a separate Web Flow, move your Email Screen to that flow.
Then create a new theme (without any base theme) and set the flow that you created to use it.
Test it like that.
If it works, then add to the new theme stylesheet just the styles that you need for the emal.

João Rosado
Is it always clipping the same number of characters? I've used Mandrill from OutSystems for years with no issues... both as an SMTP server and via API.

Google clips emails at 102kb
For example the reply emails from this forum are being clipped as well because by gmail since these emails have around 275kb, from what 270kb are stylesheets.

So like I said, reducing the amount of stylesheets will fix the problem.

João Rosado
I thought that Google clips after a certain amount of actual text? Clipping the message after a certain byte total is some pretty stupid behavior... I also wouldn't put it past Google... but still...

But that is a good point, try sending to a different recipient and see if there is still an issue.