html header is not repeated

html header is not repeated


I met a issue as that the html-header is not repeated and it is always printed in the last page by using the latest version
html2pdf version: 1.1.5 platform: 

But the html-header is repeated when I use old version:
html2pdf version: 1.0.3 platform:

arguments are the same: "-B 15mm -T 30mm -L 20mm -R 20mm -s Letter --footer-center ""[page]/[topage]"" --header-html " + Header.URL

Does anyone have any ideas about this? 
I found that when I replace the .exe file wkhtmltopdf.exe version with old version The argument '--header-html' works fine, and the header is repeated in each page not only printed on the first or last page.

Do anyone know the exact reason caused this issue?
Hi Kobe,

I've never used that paramete but if it was working on an older version and not on a reent one maybe is a bug in the wkhtml application. Try to install it locally and run from the cmd line to replicate and if you can you may use the component support page to report it directly to the developers.