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Published on 2018-01-15 by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 2018-01-15 by leonardo.fernandes
Hi. The most recent versions of Search and Autocomplete include a search engine, called RankedSearch, that you can use directly from OutSystems. If you are having problems with the searches done by LIKE conditions, this component will probably solve them!

A few common issues with the LIKE-based search, that are effectively solved by RankedSearch:
- poor performance and scalability
- it is impossible to decide which is the most relevant search result
- unable to correctly handle queries with more than one word
- unable to correctly find hyphenated terms, abbreviations, and other terms that are not real words

You can see a demo of the RankedSearch over here, and you can learn how to use it over here.

Disclaimer: the RankedSearch requires a license fee to work in production.