[CKEditor] CKEditor is not working on Android

[CKEditor] CKEditor is not working on Android

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Published on 19 Feb by Carlos Henriques
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Published on 19 Feb by Carlos Henriques
Hey guys,

My customer just complained that the ckeditor wasn't working on his phone, so I just downloaded the latest version of this component to a personal environment to see if would be a problem on that particular factory, but when I tried to tested it on Android in my pe, it didn't work either. Its just showing the textbox input with the content.

On desktop works and on ios also works.

The Android version that I'm testing is 4.0.4

Can you check it out please? Or do I need to config something for Androids?


Hi Nelson,

Last I checked there was explicit code in the CKEditor to prevent it from working in any non-apple mobile.

I read the issue tracker of CKEditor about this. They said that it doesn't work in some mobile browsers and they did not want to lose time testing what devices...so they just disabled it for all mobile devices.
A bit later on IOS users complained and they enabled for IOS.

Edit the "ckeditor.js" resource.

Search in the javascript for something like
then delete the

It works on my phone ..but I use Firefox on it.
No idea it it works on the normal browsers that come with android.

João Rosado
Hi João,

thank you very much. I changed and it worked.

I've been reading the CKEditor supports and it looks like pretty soon is comming a new version where it will support all mobiles. 

Can't wait for it :)

Thanks again.

Nelson Freitas