[Datepicker] About DateFormat Property

[Datepicker] About DateFormat Property

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Published on 2014-11-17 by Hugo Pinheiro
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Published on 2014-11-17 by Hugo Pinheiro

I opened "Datepikcer-1.1.0.oml" and set the DateFormat property of the first datepicker on Example screen as "
d M, yy" and published it.
And I went to Example.aspx ,focused on the first input box and input today by using calendar.
I expected "21 Aug, 2015" was set to input box, but the value of the input box was "2015-08-21" (service center's default).

How can I change the date format to
"d M, yy"?

by what you are describing I think a solution that might work for you, is to change the field type where you have bind the calendar to text, because for the dates I think you are limited to what is specified in the server. And then you will need an user action to convert back to the date specified in the server.

Best Regards,
Hugo Pinheiro
Hi Hugo,

Thanks for your reply, I tried the way you told me.
And got the date formatted successfully!