Trouble passing values from parent screen to PopUp webscreen

Trouble passing values from parent screen to PopUp webscreen

We want to pass values from a screen to a popup screen on click of the button
·        We do not want to create session variables for this.
·        When the popup button is clicked, the preparation of the parent screen should not run again.
·        When the popup screen is closed, data should not be lost in the parent screen.

Can somebody help on this?

Hi swapnil,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by the last two questions. A pop-up is a separate screen that is launched after you click a button, and does not affect the screen you clicked (it's like opening a different screen or tab: the "parent" screen is not affected).

As for the first, a pop-up screen is just a screen, that you can pass variables to.
Hi Swapnil 
Why can't you directly try somethng like assignments which is like replication.

I think you can do that directly by javascript onmouseout function or even assignements like client.firstname = structure.firstname 


Advising to use javascript is generaly bad advise. Javascript should be used as a last resort only. Also, since it's far from clear what swapnil actually wants to achieve, any advise would seem premature.