Trouble passing values from parent screen to PopUp webscreen

We want to pass values from a screen to a popup screen on click of the button
·        We do not want to create session variables for this.
·        When the popup button is clicked, the preparation of the parent screen should not run again.
·        When the popup screen is closed, data should not be lost in the parent screen.

Can somebody help on this?

Hi swapnil,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by the last two questions. A pop-up is a separate screen that is launched after you click a button, and does not affect the screen you clicked (it's like opening a different screen or tab: the "parent" screen is not affected).

As for the first, a pop-up screen is just a screen, that you can pass variables to.
Hi Swapnil 
Why can't you directly try somethng like assignments which is like replication.

I think you can do that directly by javascript onmouseout function or even assignements like client.firstname = structure.firstname 


Advising to use javascript is generaly bad advise. Javascript should be used as a last resort only. Also, since it's far from clear what swapnil actually wants to achieve, any advise would seem premature.

Hi all, 

Actually i have the same problem, i am trying to ask user for 2 variables that will be allocated in the session variable, but when i click the button to open the popup, the variables stay as null... 

I got other ways to pass variables there but i want to do it in this form.

Hello Vasile,

It is always a better option to open a NEW thread and make a link to the older one than ask something in a very old thread.

Answering what I think is your problem, assume the following:

You have an input associated to a Session Variable.
The user types something. At this momento, the session variable value is the old one, because it is stored in database. What the user typed is still only in the browser.

The session variable will be updated only when a request to the server, with Submit or Ajax Submit is done. 

But if you, instead, click in a link and NAVIGATE away (even to open a popup), the info will not be sent to the server and the session variable will not be updated.

So, in order to this to work, you need to FIRST AJAX Submit the value to the server and then, in the screen action, use JavaScript to click a hidden link that will open the Popup.

This way, when the popup opens, the session variable value in the database will be updated.