Great new Forge improvements now live

Great new Forge improvements now live


I have some good news to share. We’ve recently been hard at work improving the Forge experience and it is now available for all to see. Some of the new goodness to look for:

  • Highlighting of a few popular and well ranked projects at the top

  • Easier to use project filtering based on:

    • Category

    • Support Level

    • Rating

    • Stack

    • Platform version

  • Simplified support definition and access:

    • Distinct definition of what each support designation implies

    • Quick visibility into support level for each project

    • Streamlined access to a helping hand, based on level

And of course we gave it a fresh face - modernized the UI, cleaned up the design, and just made it easier to engage with and find what you’re looking for, whether that be a new project to leverage, help with an existing one you’re using, or adding your own awesome to the community.

Please go take a peek and give us your thoughts - good and bad! We are always looking for input and suggestions from all of you.

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the post is slower than the actual implementation :)
Anyhow, it's indeed an improvement!

Wow, looks awesome! Kudos to the team beihnd this revamp.

I've been here for a while and have been involved in all the early implementations of this section of the community. It's great to see how far it has come, especially when you look at the quality of the projects that are in the Forge today. It's great to see a community build such great pieces of software.