Creating environment for outsystem 8

Creating environment for outsystem 8

Hello Dear ,

Need help .

I installed outsystem versionb 8 today not 9 because my machine is 32 bit and win 7 and Outsytem 9 doesnot support it.
Hence my Laptop is fit for Outsystem 8 only.

I seek for a help on creating environment for that support outsystem 8 , i my profile created and when i connect from outsystem 8 it throws an error saying it can not connect higher version 9.

Please help in this regard so that i can start / Learn creating apps.

Many Thanks in advance for replying.


You can install the Development Environment in Windows 7 32bits without problems.
The 64bits and WIndows Server 2008/2012 requirements are only for the Server components.

So to connect to your OutSystems Cloud instance you should install the latest Platform 9 version.

From the current System Requirements document:

João Rosado
Thanks João !!
I got 1 more doubt for which i need to explain my small requirement of project :
I am about to develop very small application that should run in win win 7 32 bit environments also becaseu these clients are very small shopkeepers and would like to run thier software in laptops and most of them does not have latest hardware and windows OS. and there will be only 2-3 users using thease applications and they will not buy such expensive hardware , OS just to host their application.
So considering these requirement can i still use lower version so that deveoped application can run and hosted in Win 7 32 bit ? and which version ? that's why i was trying to work on outsystem 8.

Many Thanks for answering.

Hello Chandan,

The Personal edition is available only on the cloud. To run the OutSystems Platform server on your own servers (or the user's computers), you would need a paid subscription, licensing each of the servers or user computers. 
This approach usually doesn't make economical sense.

On the other hand, if the user laptops have network connection to the OutSystems cloud, they can run the client-side of the applications you develop on the hardware you mention. Check the "End-User Requirements" section on the System Requirements document.