Step by Step Creation of a XML / TEXT file

I'm looking for something which is easy to understand and create XML / TEXT file dynamically 

I just need step by step process without using any third party solutions.

What I would like to achieve?
1. Would like to convert the rows of data from the system to be inserted in XML / TEXT file 
2. Want to Create a solution where dynamic records can be populated by mapping to XML or Merging Documents...

Any Suggestions Please

XML Records provides functionality to convert Records / Record Lists to XML and vice versa.
well this is what I don't want to do, coz I'm very much a novice in this product and trying to understand how to build the applications.

Components like this might be good if you converting the whole data,, but what if we want part of the data extracted from XML and mapped to different text document.....


First of all, if you want to understand how to build applications with outsystems, you should check out the learning videos (
There is absolutely no need for dynamically generating xml with it.


to answer your question specifically

simple: just use the assign-action.
better: Use StringBuilder from the Text-extension
best: use the XmlRecords like Joao said.

or you can use the soap-webservices to make life even more awesome.

and dynamic-records isn;t available with outsystems.
Unless you create a column that will contain json/xml, then you can be more dynamic.
Heck, you even can create a key-value table to make it even more dynamic

J Thanks so much 

Can you please clarify my simple and dumb doubts as I'm real novice to this product.

I'm already mapping fields inside the xml with replace and posting it to the external location...

The big problem comes when they are details with mutiple rows to be inserted into that Static XML file which I'm mapping... The image will show you the flow  

Replace Values is the location where by I'm passing all the values to the XML file 

So how is it possible to include multiple rows of details under one section of xml - The number of rows might vary depends upon every single client.... 
<AMORTIZATION_SCHEDULE _EndingBalanceAmount="73539.54" _InterestRatePercent="4.25"/>
<AMORTIZATION_SCHEDULE _EndingBalanceAmount="73437.72" _InterestRatePercent="4.25"/>
<AMORTIZATION_SCHEDULE _EndingBalanceAmount="73335.54" _InterestRatePercent="4.25"/>
<AMORTIZATION_SCHEDULE _EndingBalanceAmount="73233.00" _InterestRatePercent="4.25"/>
<AMORTIZATION_SCHEDULE _EndingBalanceAmount="72923.20" _InterestRatePercent="4.25"/>
<AMORTIZATION_SCHEDULE _EndingBalanceAmount="72819.20" _InterestRatePercent="4.25"/>

Well, tbh, I have no clue what you want to achieve.

the examples, is just a for-loop of the sql, and then just do "AMORTIZATION_SCHEDULE _EndingBalanceAmount=" + List.Current.Amount...

that said, if you check out xml-records it will be even easier.

and if it's just a matter of replacing values/injecting xml in a template xml..

wel, you should do something xslt.

Thanks J 
I think you need to remote connect to my PC to see what actually I'm trying to achieve

To make it simple I will put it like this  in a xml file I would like to insert couple of dynamic rows which are being populated in the system under different sections

  <REQUESTING_PARTY _Name="MainLandchina" _StreetAddress="123 Test Address" _StreetAddress2="" _City="Some City" _State="UT" _PostalCode="84020" />
  <SUBMITTING_PARTY _Name="ABC System" />
<REQUEST RequestDatetime="2014-11-04T12:57:30" InternalAccountIdentifier="123456789" LoginAccountIdentifier="IDSUserLoginGoesHere">
<Previous Employment>
    <Job="desc1" address="address">
    <Job="desc2" address="address">
    <Job="desc3" address="address">
</Previous Employment>
<House Address>
<street="address1" city="cityname" pincode="123252" currentadd="yes">
<street="address1" city="cityname" pincode="14343" currentadd="no">
<street="address1" city="cityname" pincode="125454" currentadd="no">
<street="address1" city="cityname" pincode="1265464" currentadd="no">
</House Address>

The one marked under dashes are the part of rows which are dynamic as it can be 2 -100 rows and I would want to place those rows in already existing STATIC XML file with dynamic values.

Is my explanation clearer now J... 
Kindly suggest

it's clearer, but you should really check out xml-extension

Load the xml-template
Find the right node.
Inject the new rows with XmlElement.setInnerText for example.