Change Timezone

Hi everyone!

Is it possible to change the application timezone globally? I would like to set it to GMT.

I think it uses the timezone of the server it runs on?
Kilian Hekhuis wrote:
I think it uses the timezone of the server it runs on?
 Hi Kilian. The problem is that it's using UTC+0 time and I wanna use GMT which automatically adjusts to UTC+1 when summer and UTC+0 when it's not. Do you know some plugins which can help? Or something else?

If they exist, I'm not aware of them.
 morning I need help on how to design countdown clock.I'm new to this software

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The Platform follows the timezone of the database.
If you are using SQL Server on the cloud, then this cannot be changed.
"Currently our cloud provider (Amazon) does not support customizing the time zone for SQL Server. Conversions need to be done programmatically from UTC to the desired time zone;"

This note applies to Personal editions also, since they run on SQL Server.