Hi All 
I would  like to know if there is a better way of mapping CHECKBOX values 

e.g : I have a checkbox which says -  Are you going to take a Loan [ TRUE / False ]  The enabled value is True else False

But I would like to get if Enabled value is "Y" and the values of Y= within 1 month and if "N" not in next 3 months.....

The real example given below 

So the values of Doyouhaveanyoutstandingjudgm currently assigns values as TRUE

<DECLARATION OutstandingJudgementsIndicator="{!Outjud_Ind}" />

Current result is like this 
<DECLARATION OutstandingJudgementsIndicator="True" />

What I would like to Achieve
<DECLARATION OutstandingJudgementsIndicator="within 1 month" />

I'd use a static entity to map the values.
Kilian Thankyou...

Well this is what I'm doing but for me as of now I have close to 800 fields with multiple combinations so does it sound logical to make it a static....

Even if I'm converting True to YES  for every single field I'm seeing the design window as Snake n Ladder:)