Hi all,
Good day,
I am currently suffering from one issue, Its regarding fullcalendar 2 page load.
I have implemented fullcalendar 2 widget in two screens.
In first page this calendar is rendered directly on screen with all calendar event. For that its called preparation of CalendarJason.aspx. and note I am calling this calendar directly with server hit.
I second page, I have same calendar where In one scenario I am just refreshing the container where calendar resides.
Now my problem here is, Why on Ajax method fullcalendra is not refreshed and why its not called CalendarJason.aspx preparation as its working correctly without Ajax refresh.
Hi Tejas,

Ajax may break javascript rendering of the Calendar. The right way to do it is using the rerenderEvents method from fullcalendar.io API (http://fullcalendar.io/docs/event_rendering/rerenderEvents/).
I've changed the component to add re-rendering of events. All you have to do is call the new RunCalendarRefetchEvents which will re-render the calendar events without breaking the current view.

Can you try this new approach and let me know if it worked?
Kind Regards,
João Grazina