Displaying a Table when Searched For/Search All Home Page


I'm trying to implement a feature where you can search for all the tables on the home page.

Currently, I have placed the tables I want to search for on the homepage. What would be ideal is that the table records only appear on the page if something relevant is put in the search bar. Is this possible?

Currently I have a workaround of a "-" in the Search Bar, and the tables exist as merely a line the search doesn't produce any records. 

However, if anyone knows any ideas to make the table records appear when searched for, that would be great.

Kind regards,



You can filter your query to only show results when the SearchKeyword is not empty. 

In the filter condition you wold have Table.Attribute like SearchKeyword and SearchKeyword <> ""




Cheers Angelo!!

I will have to try and revisit this as sadly the Project got abandoned. The solution looks good. I like it :)