Adding multiple fields

Adding multiple fields

Can someone tell me ways to add the field onblur or any other possible way thru multiple tabs

e.g: Tab1 

Field1 = 100
Field2 =50

Tab 2
Field3 =10
Field4 = 10

So what I'm looking for is that In TAB3 I would like to have a auto total of all the fields happening as and when its happening.

As the User starts to input in first Field1 it would update the Value of Field 1
When user updates Field 2  = Field 5 would be  [Field1 + Field2]
when user updates Field 4  then Fielf 5 would be [ 1+2+4 ] 

I've tried directly 
= a+b+c+d 
or something like this but both dont work
"$('#" + LoanAmount2.Id + "').val($(this).val());"

Hi Sunil,

Instead of using blur have you tried to use the jquery change? You could create a class that you apply to all text boxes and using the change associated with the elements of the class.

$('.MyClass').change(function() {

$('#" + LocalAmount.Id + "').val($('#" + LocalAmount.Id + "').val() + $(this).val());

Hope this helps

Well I've tried this and seems not working....

Created class and applied to the fields 
applied the sectdion to the validation and seems not working... Somewhere its wrong

Also Tried with this and seems to be not updating on the fly

Update Field A + B = Field C

in Field C  - I've created a destination widget and used Ajax Refresh... But still I don't seee it working the way I'm looking for 

Hi Sunil,

Check this small sample with the imlementation I mentioned yesterday. It sums dinamically the contents of the inputs on the first 2 tabs and reflects that on the 3rd.

Hope this can put you on the right track.

Thanks so much... Now I understood what are did... 
Mine is bit more indepth which is like fields are coming from different tables.... ( Well our system has almost close to 1800 fields) from different tables 
The total itself has to be updated as its part of the table... With expressions its giving a float...

You know there is a bigger architectural issue when you have 1800 fields...
Yup J... Very sure of that... 

But we have to find a way to get the things done... as our applications are mainly based upon integration of pushing and pulling data to multiple locations.....