[World Map] Having trouble with this widget

[World Map] Having trouble with this widget

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Published on 2015-07-30 by Gonçalo Borrêga
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Published on 2015-07-30 by Gonçalo Borrêga

I am trying to use this widget (World_Miller) in my application.  I can get the map to render if I only configure the Map structure.  However, if I attempt to configure the MapCountryInfo structure, even with a single record with the minimum required data assigned, the map will not render in my application.  

I am at a loss as to how to correctly set this up and I cannot find an example of its use anywhere.

Can you help?


Hi Steve,
What are you using as the MapCountryInfo Code? The WorldMap is preconfigured with the world map based on a list of countries, indexed by their 2 char iso code. E.g.:




United Arab Emirates




Antigua and Barbuda







.. .....

The Geo Performance lifetime plugin uses this component. The Dashboard screen has an example of how to fill the map. In its resources it also has an excel with the list of countries used as keys for the data displayed in the map.

Let me know if that helps. If not I can make a quick example

Thanks for the help.  After I looked into the World Map application, I noticed that the World_Miller map had some issues with the Preparation.  It seems to be only partially implemented.  I changed over to the World_Miller_Multiseries map and it all seems to be working correctly.  I also upgraded the jVectormap javascript and CSS to the newest version from their web site and that also helped with some of the features.

The only issue I am having right now is that when I attempt to open up the javascript editor in Service Center to look at the map data, Service Center locks up.  Not sure what is going on with that.  I would like to create a Europe_Miller map, but I just can't get that javascript editor open.
I'll take a look at the WorldMiller to see what's going on.
I could add you to the component team and you'd be able to publish your improvements. Would you like that?

Regarding the js editor I'm having the same issue (worked around it by copying/pasting from the properties box to Notepad). Did you report that to Support?