I need to migrate an existing MSSQL database into our new MSSQL Database in the OutSystems environment. Where can I find the connection string for the MSSQL database in my OutSystems instance so I can get this accomplished?
check servicecenter ->  administration -> databaseconnections.

unless you mean the platform-connection, then you need to start up the admintool from the server itself.

Thanks for the response. I'm trying to use MSSQL Management Studio to connect to the database that is in the PaaS version of OutSystems
Hi Billy,

You will need to request that access in your environment.

To get a user/password to access the database:
  • In your OutSystems Platform Lifetime homepage, press "Environments" and then "Custom Request", explaining you are requesting user credentials to access the database.
And since for security resons the database cannot be access outside the Cloud environment you will need to configure a VPN for it. Check here how to do it if you don't have it already.

João Rosado