Recordlist to XML - Parameter REcordlist error

Recordlist to XML - Parameter REcordlist error

We are trying to map the data thru Recorlist to xml process and we are facing this issue of "PARAMETER 'Recordlist' must be a valid Recordlist of Records of the type that you want to deserialize..."

We are using verion can someone tell me how to solve that issue..

make it a recordlist.

normally you make it a list of type.
now you must choose list, then scroll all the way down to choose type "record" the choose trhe type you want.

it's horrible, so hopefully thise extension will see an upgrade.

What I found slightly easier is first make it deliberately a list of type, then select Record for the type: the plaform will then automatically make it a Record List of type.

I've tried that as well and it seems that its giving me error and the loop gets struck....

In the recordlist it pulls the first record and when it goes the last record its not publishing the part of XML...