Help - Republish items to prevent runtime errors

I am a first time user of OutSystems. I have a personal environment created and the client tool to build applications. There was an upgrade available so I installed it. When working through the OutSystems in One Hour tutorial the 1-Click Publish displays Upgrade Information messages to republish 'Chart', 'Users', and 'RichWidget' to prevent runtime errros.

How is this done?

Hello Brad

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Those espaces belong to the System Components solution, and usually new versions come along with new platform versions. It's possible that something was not properly deployed during the upgrade, or an older version of the system components was deployed in the meantime.

But you can fix this by republishing the System Components solution. Just access the Service Center of your personal environment, access the Factory tab, and in the Solutions page click on the System Components solution. You'll find a list of Solution Versions, and a Publish button for each one. Just press the publish button of the Version 9_0_1_20 and let it publish. It should take a few minutes.

At the end of the publication, you'll have the full log of the of publishing. Check for any errors. You'll same some warnings regarding outdated consumers, but that's expected, because you'r publishing the producers that are use in all your applications.

There are any ways for accessing the Service Center in your personal environment. The most direct one is to open a web browser and access the URL and login with your credentials. (It goes without saying that yourpersonal should be replaced by your personal environment host).

Hope this information helps in overcome this problem.


Thanks...that worked like a charm! No more error messages.

Unfortunately there appears to be no information on how to access the Service Center from my personal environment. Use of the search tool provides no help. How do I? Also per your note above the version
9_0_1_20 does not appear to be a current version. I am offered the '21' or the '25' versions ... and am now using the '21'. Is the '20' version the one I should go for if I can find it where is can be downloaded?

Thanks again, Stan
Hello Stan

If you have a personal environment, then you have a personal environment host name. You can use in the web browser to access Service Center, using an url like

Alternatively, you can access, and check the status of your personal and the URL of your personal environment.

All personals are currently running version It seems to me that you're navigating into the downloads page instead ... 

If you share more details of what you get when accessing ServiceCenter, I might help you better.

Yes your response here was great and I republished the environment. Then when I created my
"FourthDemo" it ran and showed no errors ... see attached print screen. However the table did not
display in the browser .... this is not the Contacts table in the video demo ... I used one more appropriate to
my application. I noticed that the mapping while it correctly mapped the first column did not map the second
column for reason unknown to me.  Many many thanks for your assistance !!!
Please ignore the above message. The second lesson in the series explained what to do to display the
table !!
Came across this issue today as a first time user after upgrading my environment to - publishing the previous version corrected the warnings and completed without any errors. I noticed it set my development mode to the previous versiona after publishing (back to