MeetOut - It's not going to happen

MeetOut - It's not going to happen

Hi everyone,

I am disappointed to inform that MeetOut will not happen any time soon...

Besides OutSystems staff there has been a huge lack of enthusiasm to participate and share from the developer community. To attend the MeetOut? Sure - there were some wanting to attend, but to take some of their effort to prepare a presentation or just wanting to speak to the community about their experience and how they overcame the challenges? No!

Straight to the point, in descending order, these were the main issues faced:
  1. Developers collaboration - there wasn't interest from the community to prepare any type of material to present and share at the MeetOut
  2. Facilities - it is a challenge to get a place to hold the event and assure the required equipment (projector, microphone, sound, camera, ...).
Another important issue was Date/Time - this shouldn't take place on a business day, as we are all busy working and would need a day off. Is Saturday the best? Developers are spread all over the world, what time is best? It should be based on where the event is being held.

I don't want to say much, I'll leave the comments and reactions to everyone else. I ask you to be positive, objective and constructive. Who knows? Maybe this will waken up some buried feelings.

Always look on the bright side of life. This is now an emerging topic and something bound to happen. There are two groups, one of which has grown substantially to more than 200 members - OTUG on Google+ (65 members) and OTUG on Linkedin (239 members). Again I say: Anyone is invited to be a moderator on those groups!

Enough said already...

Tiago Neves

PS: I haven't been active in the forums recently just because my life has been going through a crazy storm, a positive one, including among others, a relocation from Lisbon to London in a few days.
Tiago, congrats for the initiative and for pushing this forward!

The idea lives on! We know that people want to get together offline to share their OutSystems experience and learn from each other so it's a matter of time until that happens. (Full disclosure: I'm an optimist at heart! :))

P.S. - Best of luck with the relocation to London! Can we expect an OutSystems@Pub? ;)
Sad but true.

I agree I have little time myself, due to other studies.
But the lack of response on the forums is a bit weird.

Don't be a stranger!
and enjoy the RWC2015 in London :)

I waited to see what reaction this post could get...

Thanks buddy! :) Bets are on for 1st MeetOut Date. We're not going away anytime soon.

Like I said, I waited to see... No response. Only a few hardcore users got into the discussion, on this and previous posts. Sad! We'll be around to see this happening one day.

I'll be more active again in the forums shortly. I see more and more people joining OutSystems community every day :)

Early September is not the best time to do an event, since many people will be offline in August and not checking the forum, and with kids getting back to school this first weeks, I'd say the first weekends are precious.
Myself, I've been away from the forum for a while because of work (4 simultaneous projects in OS, yupii!) and only today heard about it. I'd love to be in such event, specially because I missed this year's NextStep.

About the time, I'd ask for a 10am reschedule. If it is at 9, unless I spend the night in Lisbon, I'd need to take the 5:47 train...
Hi Nuno,
Great to hear your feedback. Let us see how this works out.