Adding a Header Image for every page HTMLtoPDF

Adding a Header Image for every page HTMLtoPDF

Hello guys,

I have this page to convert into a PDF file, and I want to insert an image for every page's header. The pdf to be generated has dynamic content. the first and last pages are stored as an expression from a WYSIWYG editor so from there I can upload an image and the editor automatically saves it as a URL link. My problem is the middle page, consists of a table record that may grow into more pages the more items it has. I want it so that every page that the middle part creates (table records) page has a header for every page break. How can this be achieved?
In order to use some advanced pdf functionality like headers and footers I would suggest to use Aspose. It will cost you money, but you can create any kind of PDF with any kind of markup that you need. You can build all functions you need in an extension. 
Hi Lawrence!

You can put all this content (table records) in a webblock with input parameters that say the index and the number of rows to show. Put this webblock inside a ListRecords on the page that shows the [total rows / number of rows] that you defined to your webblock. You'll have to check if this number of rows fill the height of the page (that's the trick). So each record of ListRecords will fill the page and you will can put the header inside the webblock, which will repeat for each page.

Note: I reccomend rows height have a fixed value.

Hope it helps.