Structure Attributes

Structure Attributes

I'm mapping around 400+ fields from XML and I do have fields which are having saving special Characters at the start [example provided below]
<UNMERGED_PUBLIC_RECORD UnmergedPublicRecordID="UnmergedPublicRecord28" BorrowerID="Borrower" CreditFileID="CreditFile1" CreditTradeReferenceID="CreditTradeReference141" _AccountOwnershipType="Individual" _CourtName="US BKPT CT FL JACKSONV" _DerogatoryDataIndicator="Y" _DispositionDate="2010-04" _DispositionType="Discharged" _DocketIdentifier="P000001" _FiledDate="2009-12" _ManualUpdateIndicator="N" _Type="BankruptcyChapter7">

But when I'm the structure with  "_xyz" "_name" or "_place"  its removing "_" from the name 

Is there a way to map the fields with _ in the Structure...

In the my reply in
there the same case, you need to fill the configs with the mappings or having the attributes correctly named.

Try to just rename your attibute from Name to Attr__Name and see if it works even without config.
If it doesn't then see my other post reply and fill the AttributeXmlConfig with the correct mapping.

Regards, João Rosado